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Visioning Retreat

Finding vision, purpose and meaning for your life

Jan 3, 2025

3 days

Kamau Taurua/Quarantine Island, Dunedin

About the Course

Do you struggle sometimes to find meaning in your life? Come and join us on beautiful Quarantine Island for a restorative and energizing exploration into finding our deepest vision for our lives, connecting with our purpose, and creating practical steps that can set you on a fulfilling path for 2024.

Course Duration

3 days

Course Content

In this retreat, we will do a deep dive into finding your vision and purpose. We will explore how to:
❀ Find your deepest life vision, from your wildest imagining.
❀ Identify your life purpose, and how to ground this in practical steps for change.
❀ Explore the values that are most dear to you, and ways to bring them directly into your daily life.
❀ Explore capacity and examine how staying within your actual daily capacity can support you to work towards your vision.
❀ Identify your greatest sources of life-giving energy, and explore how to use these to fuel your movement towards your goals.
❀ Identify practical steps, goals and agreements that move you steadily towards your vision while staying firmly within your capacity.

Materials provided

❀ A visioning booklet, containing a written summary of the visioning process and the exercises we complete.
❀ Practices to take home and support you to continue your visioning path throughout the year.

How to Register

To book your place, you can simply follow the 3 steps below. If you have any questions, please contact us at: 1. Read our Terms & Conditions. By registering to this course, you agree to these terms.* 2. Fill in the registration form. 3. Complete the $100 deposit (or full amount if you prefer). *We one EVER reads ‘Terms & Conditions’, right? And yet, we would recommend (and really hope!) you do read ours to make sure we’re together and on the same page. Ours even give you the option to write your own and are written in needs language!) **Please note that elements of this course will be recorded to allow us to create teaching resources. This enables us to make this work accessible to a wider range of people. We will only share recordings of the trainers’ images and words unless we have written consent (see Terms and Conditions).
Financial contribution

We operate using a "gift economy" approach. Our financial request for this retreat is $620 per participant. This figure gives an indication of the amount we hope to receive in order to support our families and continue to offer this work. This includes the set costs of food, accomodation, boat transport and materials ($230 pp) and takes into account the three days of teaching time for 2 facilitators time, and the time involved in preparing the materials and teaching content for a retreat like this.

This figure is offered as a guideline only and we are very open to you nominating a different amount that works for your family (some people like to offer more, some less). We would love for our offering to be received as a gift, and we hope that people can likewise see their financial contribution as a gift - finding an amount that really feels comfortable to offer without stretching yourself into hardship, while also supporting us to continue doing this work we love so much. We request at least $230 as a minimum in order to cover the set costs of the event. Please get in touch with us if you would like more clarity about this.


Sally Prebble and Jorinde Rapsey

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