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Terms and Conditions

(i.e. all the things we want to be really clear and transparent about…)

At Peace Talks, we want to contribute to a world where everyone’s needs matter. We want to ensure that in all of our interactions, we hold an intention of ensuring that everyone’s needs are heard, recognised and deeply considered. We also value transparency and openness. 


To honour these values, we have set out our understanding of how we want to interact with you. We would like to check if you agree to the following points. If you have a request for something to be written differently in our ‘terms and conditions’, we are open to a dialogue to figure out words that work for both of us. Please contact us directly to talk about this:

Payment Requests

We request a deposit of $100 when you register to secure your place in our courses and workshops, and request payment of the balance before the start date of the course.


This gives us clarity about who is attending our classes and what resources we might wish to prepare. It also gives us ease in planning and clarity for participants which, in our experience, creates a more harmonious learning environment. 

Regret period

We understand that people can sometimes be excited to join something and only later realise that they do not have full capacity to commit. We therefore offer a 14-day “regret period”. If you change your mind about coming to the course within 14 days from sending your deposit (and at least 3 days before the course has actually begun) we will return your deposit.

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This is because it is important to us that people who attend our courses are there because they truly want to be, have the capacity to learn and contribute, and have full choice about whether they attend.

Cancelling your place

We understand that sometimes life happens, and there may be reasons you are unable to attend our course. 

  • We ask that, if at all possible, you let us know at least three days before a course begins if you are not able to attend. 

  • If you decide to leave the training anytime (from three days before to the end time of the course) we ask that you pay the full participation fee. 

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This cares for our need for order and ease by giving us time to offer your place to another person, and to make any necessary adjustments to the resources, course content or planning. It also cares for the energy, time and care we put into organising courses, preparing resources, and filling spaces.

Cancelling course

For each of our courses and workshops, we set a minimum class size that we believe will create the most effective learning environment (based on the type of training, venue size, cost of recourses etc). In cases where we have fewer enrolments than our minimum course size, we may cancel the course no later than 7 days before the course is due to start. In such cases, we will refund the deposit and any course payments within 2 weeks of the cancelation announcement.

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This is to care for our sense of balance and to care for our time in planning and organising trainings, while also caring for participant’s needs for clarity and order.

Taking responsibility for your own health, safety and well-being

We care deeply about supporting you to find ways to care for your own safety and to communicate your needs with us. To assist with this:

  1. We ask that you inform us about any issues with your health (physical and mental), and/or use of medication that is relevant to your ability to participate safely in the course.

  2. We encourage you to speak up when things do not feel safe to you in any way. We encourage you to take time to listen gently within yourself and take any measures to care for your well-being. 

  3. All elements of our trainings (e.g. exercises, group activities, discussions etc) are entirely voluntary and participants are always free to refrain from participating or leave the session at any time. 

  4. Neither Peace Talks nor our trainers are liable for any physical and/or psychological damage acquired while participating in the course/training.

  5. We will work hard to make sure that all our physical venues are as safe and comfortable as possible for participants. We ask that participants recompense any damage they cause to movable and immovable property at the venue where the course/training is held.

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This is in order to create safety and clarity for you and for the trainer, and to have a shared agreement about the notion of ‘self- responsibility’. Safety is really important to us, and we recognise that each person has different ways to care for their safety and well-being.

Recording of Courses and Workshops

All of our online courses (and, if stated, our in-person courses) are recorded. This is so that we can offer catch-up sessions to participants, and so that you are able to review material between sessions (not for download). Recordings will be available for three weeks following each session.

We ask you to hold the strong intention to keep the recordings exclusively for yourself. If others in your home wish to watch too, we ask that they register for the course too so that everyone knows who is watching.

We also sometimes use elements of our recorded sessions to create teaching resources. This enables us to make our work accessible to a wider range of people. We only share recordings of the trainers’ images and words, editing out any images or information about course participants unless we have explicit written consent to be included from participants.

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This is because we wish to care for privacy, safety and choice for people sharing in the group, including the trainer while also making learning accesible and easy for everyone.

Attending online courses

We know that sometimes there will be noise, other people, animals, roadworks (life!) happening in your home/environment when you are attending our online courses. We request that only those who have registered for the course are able to view the screen and hear the audio (other than small children on laps, who are always welcome!)


If someone else in your home wishes to join the course with you, that is fantastic! We just ask that they register first so that we know who they are and we can introduce them to the group.

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This to care for the safety, privacy and choice of all participants and the trainers - so that we all know who is in the group, who is watching us, and allows us to be in full choice about what to share and who we share with. 

Privacy, Confidentiality and Complaints

All communication with us (both within and outside our courses and workshops) will be dealt with confidentiality. Our participants’ personal information is saved in our google drive.

If you have any concerns about our courses, or how we have interacted with you, please contact us - we would like to hear any impact on you and have an opportunity for dialogue.


The way we store private information cares for the safety, privacy and choice of all participants and the trainers - so that we all know who is in the group, who is watching us, and allows us to be in full choice about what to share and who we share with. The opportunity to move into dialogue when there are concerns helps us to care for integrity, respect, authenticity and connection in dealing with conflict.

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