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Living Compassion

Would you like to continue your NVC learning and integration in a community with our support and guidance? We offer a special membership programme for parents wanting to integrate the skills and consciousness of NVC in their daily lives.


Jul 1, 2024



About the Course

The Living Compassion programme is designed to provide a simple, flexible and affordable way to support busy parents to continue with their NVC journey. Through the programme, we will provide ongoing teaching, guidance and support in the context of a community of learning with other parents who are also wishing to bring the consciousness and skills of NVC into their daily lives with their children.

Course Duration

Starting 2024 - Ongoing

Course Content

Each month we will explore a new topic around how to integrate NVC into your family life. We will explore topics that aim to bring more connection, peace, compassion and harmony into our relationships with our children. The topics will be informed by the questions and learning interests of members, but may include:

❀  “Street Giraffe" with kids - How to “naturalise” NVC so that you can speak to your child (or anyone else) without sounding like an NVC robot

❀  Working with guilt - receiving the gifts and organic learning of remorse and explore what guilt is trying to do for us

❀  Apologising in giraffe - How to work through a healing dialogues to work through heal ruptures in relationships

❀  Exploring Anger within us and how to meet it in others

❀  Setting and revisiting agreements with our children (e.g. around screens, sugar and other “dangers”!)

❀  Mourning - exploring the grief and sadness that we carry

❀  Working with our own, and our child’s, inner critic

❀  Inner conflict

❀  When parents don’t agree: Exploring conflict between parents

❀  Managing bedtime and other separations

❀  Fights, squabbles and rivalry: Managing tension between siblings

❀  Caring for neurodiversity and children with special needs

❀  Supporting deep, nurturing play in our children

Materials provided

Monthly topics would be presented through a variety of resources:

❀  Short (5-10 min) video lessons that you can watch in your own time

❀  A written summary of the monthly topic and other learning resources

❀  Live Monthly Zoom Session for practice, Q&A and coaching

❀  Access to a private "Living Compassion" (members only) community Facebook group

❀  Weekly email check-in with a focus for the week, teaching resources (e.g. video or written), reminders, hints/tips, suggestions and guidelines

❀  Weekly practice guidelines

❀  A Practice Buddy for the month and members’ practice group (optional)

How to Register

To register your interest for the trial programme (currently scheduled for Term 1, 2024) please complete the registration form below.
Financial contribution

At this stage, we are collecting registrations of interest. Price and final format will be updated closer to the launch (est early 2024).


Sally Prebble and Jorinde Rapsey

Sally Prebble and Jorinde Rapsey
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