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Connected Homeschooling Communities

Building supportive, caring homeschool communities with NVC



In person or online via zoom

About the Course

Using the principles and skills of Compassionate Communication (NVC), we will explore ways to nurture lifelong relationships with the children in your life based on deep connection, mutual respect, trust and authenticity.

Course Duration

by negotiation

Course Content

A special introduction to the core elements and principles of Non-violent Communication (NVC), designed specifically for newly forming or exisitng homeschooling groups (or other groups working with and for children, including teachers, playcentres etc).

We will cover:

How to express authentically with care.

How to hear what people are really saying (no matter how they say it).

How to connect with ourselves when we are triggered.

How to use NVC as a “shared language” for your group to make decisions, navigate any challenges and manage any conflict that might arise.

How an 'NVC consciousness' could support you to create an “attachment village” where adults connect and develop meaningful relationships with each other and all of the children.

Ways to invest in adult relationships and learning to build a strong “container” for your community.

Materials provided

❀ A written summary of each session, including a "Community Visioning" booklet to support your group to create a shared vision.
❀ “Homeplay” practices to take home and apply
❀ A zoom recording of the session to view available for three weeks after each session (see Terms and Conditions)
❀ Lifetime access to all written course materials in a private Google drive

How to Register

We would love to run this course for your group! If you would like to book a course with us, please contact us to talk about your particular needs:
Financial contribution

Please get in touch if you are interested in arranging a workshop for your homeschool group so that we can discuss your needs and find a package that would work for everyone.


Sally Prebble and Jorinde Rapsey

Sally Prebble and Jorinde Rapsey
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